Hi everyone!

My name is Tazkia or yall just can call me Azkie or Kie 🙂 This is my blog. Or my trashy blog? hehehehe. I just share what I want to share here~ Dont u dare who u are to judge me >:O Just kidding lol im not that kind of people 😀 Actually dont really know why Im make this blog hmMmMM

Im a 2002 liner girl. Not that young…. Actually born at May 22 but written on the birth certificate at May 29 by mistake 😀 Why sad if a mistake make you become younger? lol. I do love korean girl groups! Especially TWICE! Yes I know a lot of people there hating on them. Even my friends at school hate them too……. ㅠㅠ but I dont really care.

에라 모르겠다

ft. swagger minari

That’s all! yall can find me at twitter and instagram

Thankyou! ~~~